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Oligo Lotion +/-


Intense and mineral.

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Active lotion comprised of a cocktail of oligo elements to better prepare the skin for receiving treatments and allowing a better penetration of active ingredients. It truly preserves a layer of hydration* on the skin and can be used as a perfecting lotion to cleanse the skin, to soak into the Matricol’s ™ Masks, and to rinse the cleansing products, scrubs and masks.

Ingredients / Composition


Zinc is an oligo-element that helps the skin heal while also providing it with UV ray protection. It regulates the production of sebum and inhibits the protein 5-alpha reductase.


Used for its skin balancing properties, copper plays a crucial role in the process of keratinization. It also possesses antibacterial properties. 


1. Use


Soak the cotton pads or cloths with lotion and proceed with rinsing off the cosmetics (no water necessary). 


2. Use


Soak the Matricol ™ Mask with Oligo Lotion with a sponge or brush. Re-soak the mask after 10 minutes. 

3. Use


With the use of a brush, soak the skin with Oligo Lotion.

Keep the skin humidified throughout the treatment by using a soaked cotton pad. 

Suggestions / Precautions

The Oligo lotion may replace the use of a substitute lotion to perfect the removal of makeup or cleansing of the skin. It is ionisable (+/-). 

It can be added to any ionisable product to increase the intensity of the active’s penetration.

It may also be added to all cream or gel textures to transform them with the use of a frother. 

Avoid contact with the eyes when applying directly. 


*Keep away from sources of heat
*Of the upper layers of the epidermis


500 ml
For about 10 treatments

Galenic texture

Fluid lotion


Galenic colour

Light blue

Skin type

All skin types

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs