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The Founder

The Founder

Since 1965, Silhouet-Tone has made research and development a priority.

In today’s competitive marketplace, keeping pace with change is not enough: a true leader must make change happen. Introducing a new vocation and developing first and most innovative equipment for esthetic care, Silhouet-Tone has proved its leadership in the industry.

Supported by a devoted team, the company has ensured guidance through a course of actions including developing new, technological systems and furniture, acting as a business advisor for our clients and providing superior training to customers to get the most out of their equipment.

Our research and development team includes engineers and scientists that have set the industry standards with the finest in esthetic, electrolysis and spa equipment.

Our sales team involves dedicated staff whose first mission is to analyze the customer’s needs and propose the best adapted equipment, taking into account the client’s goals, space, budget and clientele.

Our Regulatory Affairs department ensures that all products meet most thorough quality standards such as UL/CSA or TÜV certifications, ISO 13485 medical standards in addition to be approved by health authorities (Health Canada, FDA).

Combining outstanding quality with certification, we at Silhouet-Tone prove once again that our primary objective, now and always, is to offer the best possible products to our customers and build a strong business partnership based on trust.

From our superbly designed and streamlined esthetic furniture to our specialized state-of-the-art equipment, we have always remained a step ahead of the competition – delivering the quality, reliability and cutting-edge technology you have come to expect. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is part of the reason we have grown from 5 to 150 employees. At Silhouet-Tone, the focus is on innovation, service, and quality: the core values that have established our reputation as a leader and given us our edge.

Looking forward to assist you!

Éric Ghedin, CEO