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Silhouet-Tone is...

...a family business that starts with a dream, the desire of the founder’s wife to open a school; a goal that she achieves in 1961, with the opening of the ‘Centre d’Études Esthétiques’ school in Montreal.

Josette Ghedin is a true pioneer. The school is responsible for introducing a brand new vocation – that of esthetician – and teaching budding beauty care professionals how to perform face and body treatments. Josette Ghedin is in charge of overseeing everything, from training her team, to importing, from Europe, esthetic products and equipment that do not yet exist in Canada; products without which she could not share her passion with other like-minded people. For Ms. Ghedin, beauty is founded on intelligent skin care, on products that give the skin a natural, radiant glow, and on treatments that leave the skin feeling healthy and taut. At the end of the one-year course, her newly certified students are ready to work as full-fledged estheticians. The school is so successful that a hundred or so of her former students return to teach, in an effort to share their love for the profession as well as encourage others to build their own businesses.

It is not long before Alphonse Ghedin puts his skills and ingenuity to good use, and together, they begin to dream about creating must-have esthetic equipment that every esthetician would want and need.

In 1965, Alphonse Ghedin proudly becomes the founder of Silhouet-Tone, thus helping realize the dreams of those who have dedicated themselves to this new vocation. He is joined, in 1984, by his son Eric, who eventually takes over the family business. It is Eric who builds the brand and expands into the international market by creating the American subsidiary, Silhouet-Tone USA.