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Hand & Nail Cream with White Flowers


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With its delicate floral fragrance, this cream will surprise you with its fresh and pleasantly moisturizing texture. The hands are soft throughout the day, the nails are protected and the cuticles relaxed.

Active Ingredients:

Shea butter: this nourishing emollient penetrates easily into the epidermis, softens the skin with its hydrating properties and leaves it looking supple and refreshed.

Grape seed oil: this ingredient has a high content of Vitamin E and polyphenols (antioxidant properties). It is also rich in essential fatty acids, who aid in restoring and protecting the skin against dehydration.

Swiss alpine rose: Cultivated in the Swiss Alps, this ingredient protects the skin against external aggressors. Alpine rose possesses a protein that increases the vitality and longevity of epidermal stem cells, strengthening the epidermal barrier of the skin.

Swiss edelweiss: Extracted from a plant that grows on the heights of the mountains, edelweiss manages to survive in its extreme climate. It has managed to develop defenses to withstand freezing temperatures which is why it is so coveted for its protective, softening and anti-ageing properties.

Size: 40 ml

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