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SINCE 1965

Manufacturer of High-tech Aesthetic Equipment, Furniture and Skin care

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Laser Hair Removal
Evolution 7 HD
Maximum effectiveness with ultimate comfort
SkinSensational T.I.
Bright illuminator lift Kit
High-end photobio-modulation system
Elite Platinum
The perfect chair
Vortex Peel
Ultimate performance dual-system microdermabrasion unit.

New in my care menu

Depending on my needs, I select the Treatment for the Institute adapted to my center, the season and the request of my customers.
Our inspiration

Do you know what makes us different ?

We have been transforming...

...the workspaces of beauty professionals since 1964 by combining functionality with creative inspiration, quality with accessible comfort, and exclusive design with affordable prices.

Ergonomic and modern designs.

As a company that has been at the forefront of innovation since 1964, our team of experts has benefited from the knowledge and wisdom acquired over a span of 50 years. Our expertise shines through in every design we create. It is the company’s priority to provide clients with the utmost in usability, safety, and comfort.

Functional environmental concerns.

Our approach revolves around support for the use of certified raw materials, as we are well aware of the growing importance of the environment with regards to our common future. Silhouet-Tone therefore incorporates this element in the design of all its products, particularly in its wood panels which are FSC-certified.

What I learned from light


Light is a key ingredient for large scientific research facilities known as synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers (FELs). At the heart of one of these giant machines is a particle accelerator which is used to create an incredibly bright light. This light is so intense it can reveal the atomic and molecular detail of the world around us…

Only the Best!

DAYSPA’S BEST AWARDS AND MORE. Striving to manufacture most effective and innovative equipment since 1965, Silhouet-Tone is proud to announce that the PR Shape has been featured among ‘DAYSPA Professionals’ choice’ in the category Equipment – Body.