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The must have Body and Face Anti-Aging System

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More than highly efficient at reducing dimples and smoothing fine lines, the Sonicator 740 also increases the skin’s absorption factor, helping get the most from active ingredients for both body and face.

With its dual action (continuous or pulsed), the Sonicator 740 system is the tool of choice for younger looking skin. Its ultrasound vibrations stimulate all the cell functions and revitalize a dull and tired epidermis. 

The Sonicator 740 system comes with an exclusive dual frequency Crystal-to-Patient applicator for a body and face treatment. Moreover the Sonicator 740 features an extra hand piece for the face which is smaller to reach out to narrow areas such as the eye contour zone and the nasolabial folds. The applicator is contoured for easy ultrasound application and has a coupling LED in the handle that lights up when you have adequate coupling. It is light-weight and portable and features a universal applicator cable to make changing hand pieces quick and easy. The dashboard displays all the conditions and parameters of the treatment helping the operator focus on the skin care regimen.


Revive the skin without surgery  

Regaining a radiant complexion and a firm and smooth body without going through surgery is now possible with ultrasound. 

With the Sonicator 740, you may enjoy the numerous benefits of ultrasound technology with no side effects. The Sonicator 740 system is a device that gently treats body and face with amazing results and no pain.


Smoothing the face and oxygenating the skin

Air pollution is responsible for many harmful effects leading to premature aging and dehydration of the skin. Stress and exhaustion blurs the complexion and slackens facial features creating a need for a source of energy to revitalize the skin.

The high frequency ultrasound vibrations (3 MHz) of the Sonicator 740 will improve the blood stream and lymph flow helping the face to regain its radiance. Furthermore, the micro-pulses that are sent to various levels of the tissues will gently massage the skin leading to a smoother appearance. The skin will get visibly firmer and recover a better texture.


Toning the body

The Sonicator 740 system is the perfect tool to obtain a slimming effect. Its low frequency ultrasound (1MHZ) vibrations will ensure a high depth of penetration of the skin, warming and smoothing the target zone for a superior firmness. The ultrasound will induce a loss in volume and reduce the dimpling appearance. This frequency is highly recommended to fight embedded cellulite.

On the other hand, the massaging effect of the Sonicator 740 system’s ultrasound will improve skin elasticity and soothe stretch marks for a smooth and even skin.

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