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Soothing Foot Cream

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Cream for feet that visibly reduces roughness by fighting against drying out. Its rich texture penetrates quickly, leaving the skin soft, supple, and non-sticky.

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With its stimulating, remineralizing and softening properties, this foot cream is ideal for massage and prepares the skin for a paraffin bath, for a real moment of softness and comfort. It visibly reduces roughness by preventing dry skin. Its rich and tender texture penetrates quickly, leaving the skin soft, supple, and non-sticky.

Size: 200 ml tube
Number of Treatments: Approximately 20
Color: White
Texture: Cream

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Active Ingredients

SHEA BUTTER Enriching, nourishing, invigorating. It contains fatty acids and vitamins (A, D, E and F) that soften and protect dry skin. JOJOBA OIL Protective action by creating a non-greasy film that preserves the skin's ecology from the effects of cold and dryness. RICE STARCH Rice powder, absorbent, softening. PEPPERMINT HYDROSOL Astringent, invigorating, purifying and refreshing.


Apply to the feet and half legs in smoothing movements. Then perform modeling maneuvers until completely penetrated.


Apply before plunging feet into a paraffin bath or simply at the end of a treatment. You may also add 5 drops of essential oil of your choice to personalize the care and amplify the benefits.

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