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Smooth Skin Gel


Apply on the skin to restore radiance, suppleness, and vitality.

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This gel has been specially designed to be used on the face, neck, and neckline. Apply on the skin to restore radiance, suppleness, and vitality. Compatible with the following technologies: iontophoresis, ultrasound, LED light therapy, electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy.


Stimulates collagen production in such a way restoring dermic density.
Eliminates the free radicals. Supplies the essential nutrients for the skin: amino acids, oligo elements, vitamin complex. Global anti-aging care to treat wrinkles and aged skins.

Composition – Active Ingredients


A strong growth and healing agent, activates the production of important extracellular matrix proteins such as collagen, elastin, fi bronectin and laminin. Its healing properties equally stimulate tissue renewal. In vitro experiences on the fi broblasts show that KOLLAREN MD provokes the synthesis of collagen I and III. Its healing properties have been proven in vivo. All these studies indicate that KOLLAREN MD stimulates cellular renewal and restores the biomechanical skin properties.


One of the strongest peptic molecules, it is viewed as a revolutionary ingredient for skin care treatments. The matrixyl MD becomes even more efficient once it is combined with other peptides such as Kollaren MD. This pentapeptide fi ghts against the appearance of wrinkles by provoking extracellular matrix reparation at the junction of derma and epidermis; it increases the elastin and collagen fi bres density. Through clinical studies it was shown that the matrixylMD increases the synthesis of collagen I and IV as well as of the hyaluronic acid and fi bronectin.


It increases the mitochondrial respiration and stimulates the chronologic synthesis of the energetic mediators (ATP) and that of the metabolic mediators (AND + proteins) within the cell. The sepitonicMD energizes the cell while being a powerful exterminator of free radicals.


It stimulates the production of fi broblasts (20%) and collagen (54%) within the skin. More than that, it plays an important role in soothing aged skins endowing them with a youthful radiance.


They form a powerful antioxidant complex which reduces the inflammation, favours mi-crocirculation, improves elasticity as well as induces protection against oxidant damages causes by free radicals.


A vitamin C derivative which inhibits the activity of the tyrosinase and the production of melanin. It stimulates collagen synthesis within the connective tissue. This ingredient prevents also the degradation of collagen fi bres by inhibiting the collagenase (MMP-1).


The Arginin PCA is an important amino-acid present within skin cells, a component of natural skin defence (natural hydration* factor). This amino-acid possesses a big a ffi nity with water and has a propriety of moisture* retention. The ArgininPCA restores the hydrolipidic skin layer and generates an optimal natural protection.


A perfect softener with hydrating* properties that leaves the skin smooth and hydrated*.

Skin Type

Wrinkles. Mature skin types.

Suggested use

On a cleansed skin apply the gel by hand or brush in a generous layer on face and neck (0.5 fl. oz / 15 ml) and other 0.5 fl. oz (15 ml) on the décolleté. Proceed to the manoeuvres with the hand piece. Once the care is fi nished, wet fi ngers and perform a light massage. Cleanse the gel with damp cotton pads or sponges.Follow recommendations and tips enclosed with the device you are using. This product is adapted for Silhouet-Tone devices.


Avoid the eye area.


Gel texture. Pink-coloured.


16,9 fl. oz / 500 ml tube.


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