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Red Berries Souplex Mask



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Thanks to its high sugar content, this mask provides a gentle treatment with a satiny and delicate touch. Glucose provides the skin with suppleness and comfort and blends harmoniously with salty and sweet active ingredients (algae, fruit and plants) to recharge the skin with minerals, vitamins and trace elements. It leaves a light fragrant veil on the skin. Known for its antioxidant properties, this mask is an ideal treatment to protect the skin from external aggressions and provide it with the comfort it needs.

Ingredients / Composition


Rich in polyphenols and tocotrienols, powerful antioxidants, and tannins, astringent compounds,

Cranberry is an active ingredient that fights the signs of aging and purifies exceptionally well.


Softening and soothing action.


Anti-ageing and smoothing action.


Pour 50 ml of water over the 50 g powder sachet. Mix vigorously until a smooth and creamy paste is obtained. Immediately apply the mask to the face and leave on for 15 minutes.

Remove the mask in one piece from bottom to top.

Suggestions / Precautions

Before applying the Red Fruit Soupl’Ex Mask, apply a specific serum adapted to the skin’s needs, such as Fig Milk Serum for a radiant effect. The water temperature, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity, can affect the mask’s setting time.

Do not breathe dust. Avoid contact with eyes.


*Keep away from sources of heat


50 g bag
For 1 treatment

Galenic texture

Powder transforming into a peel-off mask

Galenic colour


Skin type

All skin types

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