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P.R. Cell 2G


Body Treatments, Massage
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The P.R. Cell 2G is a powerful body remodeling system utilizing an efficient deep-tissue massage apparatus that combines a skin fold and vacuum massage to reach deep into sub dermal tissue. Suction draws tissue up between the rollers to lift, fold, and roll the skin and subcutaneous tissue. By remodeling the fatty layer, the P.R. Cell 2G reduces the dimpling and “”orange peel”” effects of cellulite. The therapeutic potential of P.R. Cell 2G treatments is endless. Treatments are easily adaptable to different body shapes and can be tailored to treat a variety of issues and concerns.

Three tier system:
-Circulation/Drainage program (epidermal/dermal level). Releases lymphatic blockage, reduces edema, increases circulation, and promotes oxygenation and cell nutrition.
-Connective tissue skin fold program (dermal/hypodermal level). Softens the fibrous connective tissue, breaks down water pockets, tones, and energizes.
-Deep sub dermal program (subcutaneous tissue and fatty layers). Mobilizes deep tissue and localized fat deposits, releases fibrous and myofascial adhesions.

Effective treatment for the following conditions:

  • Cellulite
  • Stubborn fat deposits
  • Heavy legs
  • Muscle tension
  • Poor circulation
  • Post-liposuction edema

Professional equipment for massage therapists, physicians, estheticians, and cosmetic surgery recovery centers.

Zoom training included with purchase of a P.R. Cell 2G.


Code 411321 (110V)


  • Power supply: 110V-60Hz- 220V-50Hz
  • 60W


  • Width: 38 cm (15 po)
  • Depth: 53,5 cm (21 po)
  • Height: 23 cm (9 po)
  • Weight: 7,7 kg (17 lbs )

Mobile base:

  • Mounted on silent caster wheels, making it easy to move
  • Width: 58,5 cm (23 po)
  • Depth: 56,5 cm (22,25 po)
  • Height: 81,28 cm (32 po)
  • Weight: 19,6 kg (43,2 lbs)”

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 15 in

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