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Essential Peel


Crystal microdermabrasion unit featuring our patented turbo-flow projection system. Acquire it today!

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The unique Turbo Flow system projects crystals onto the skin, safely and evenly, while keeping a circular, vortex-like motion. This offers a constant linear and rotational velocity, resulting in no discomfort or irritation of the skin.

A corundum crystal microdermabrasion device intended for professionals looking for an affordable unit that allows them to optimize their cost-benefit ratio by minimizing their costs.


  • Delivers an optimally distributed, even jet spray of quality highly pure corundum crystals
  • Greater, more powerful suction for a quasi-total elimination of residue
  • Easy to use disposable crystal cartridges
  • Two types of specialized disposable synthetic polymer tips that ensure more secure and hygienic use
  • Two external HEPA filters for added convenience and easy replacement

Requires # 416681 Diamond Tips set not included


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 19 × 13 in