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Blueberry Peel-off Soupl’ex Mask


Gentle and flexible.

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By combining blueberry extracts with alginate, chamomile and vitamin C, the Blueberry Soupl’ex Mask gently heals sensitive skin.

Plasticising mask for sensitive and reddened skin. In 15 minutes, the skin is soothed, rested and smoothed.

Ingredients / Composition


Toning. Astringent. Detoxifying.


Rich in amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins C and B, calcium, potassium and magnesium, blueberry extract is remineralizing and revitalizing. Soothing and protective.


Anti-inflammatory, calming and healing properties.


Anti-radical and anti-oxidant, vitamin C is a vital element that exfoliates on the surface for a more even complexion. Energizing.


Cover eyes with moist cotton wool. Pour 70 ml of water at 20°C over the 30 g of powder. Mix vigorously until a homogeneous and smooth paste is obtained. Apply from bottom to top on face and neck with a spatula. Avoid the eye area. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove the mask in one piece from bottom to top.

Suggestions / Precautions

Before applying the Blueberry Soupl’ex Mask, apply the Red Vine Serum to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The water temperature, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity, can affect the mask’s setting time. If the mask has leaked on the hair or eyebrows, wait for the particles to harden and then remove them with a damp sponge.

Do not breathe dust. Avoid contact with eyes.

*Keep away from sources of heat


30 g bag
For 1 treatment

Galenic texture

Powder transforming into a peel-off mask

Galenic colour


Skin type

Sensitive skins

Additional information

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