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BALLET NEEDLES F5 Stainless (50)

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F5 For telangiectasia treatments

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Product Details Ballet F5 Stainless:

  • Needle shaft diameter: “F” 1.25mm
  • Needle filament/tip diameter: 0.005 inch
  • Needle Surface: Stainless Steel throughout

The Ballet stainless steel needle is the most economical needle in the Ballet range. It is sculpted from 18G nickel-chrome Swedish stainless steel – the steel used in fine surgical instruments.

Micro-polishing is used to achieve Ballet’s unique, rounded point. Current intensity can be lowered and insertions are smooth, precise and comfortable.

Treatment recommendations: The stainless steel needle is ideal for clients with strong, healthy skin, who respond well to electrolysis treatments.

Other Ballet Needle sizes available:

  • For “F” Shank 1.25 mm shaft diameter: Tip diameters of .002″ .003″ .004″ .005″ .006″ .012″

Size: 50 / box

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs