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Soupl’ex Firming Body Mask – 2kg Bucket


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Beauty Benefits:

Alcohol free, Perfume free, Paraben Free


The skin is smoothed, hydrated*, full of bounce and firmed.

Composition – Active Ingredients:


Laminaria contains an exceptional amount of organic iodine. The high mineral salt content promotes exchanges and elimination. The skin is left feeling toned, smoothed and firm.


Lipolytic activity. Thanks to the theanine and flavonoids found in its leaves, this extract smoothes the skin, thereby reducing its orange peel appearance. High concentration of antioxidants.


Silica, found in its organic form in plants (60 to 80%), provides this body mask with remineralizing and firming properties, restoring suppleness to the epidermis.

Skin Type

Cellulite stage I to IV.


Quickly pour 300 ml of water at 40 °C on the 150 g of powder. Using a spatula, stir vigorously until you obtain a paste that is smooth and creamy. Apply immediately on the areas to be treated with a disposable glove or spatula. The product takes about 8 minutes to set. Leave on and do not cover. After a minimum of 20 minutes, remove in one piece and apply the Ultra-Slimming Cream.


Apply on skin that has been thoroughly cleansed (exfoliated) and dried. Roll the edges of the mask to facilitate its removal. This mask may be strategically applied on certain areas and used to complement another body mask (complementary action).Provide the client with disposable underpants.


Do not apply on the face.


Powdered texture before adding water. Plastifying texture / thickens when combined with water. Green-coloured.


150 g dose / 2 kg bucket

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